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I grew up surrounded by the exuberant landscape of the Baix Emporda/ Catalunya, near to the mediterranean sea.  I developed a deep passion for the natural world. I see myself as a land artist, working within and with nature. 


Having a multidisciplinary approach in research and practice I focussed on ceramics. Developing a personal take on the thousands of years of pit firing technique I found the perfect channel for my vision of bringing together the earth and the elements with my spirits, crafts and thoughts.


While experimenting and observing, while trying to match the micro- with the macro-cosmos I incorporate the natural elements of wood, fire, water and air from my daily surroundings into this process of creating and finishing my unique artworks. 


Coming from a background in textile design, I became an artist with painting and engravings in the mid 90s while living in Barcelona.


Everything I do is motivated by a deep love for all things spiritual. For myself, a perfect product is never just an object, but rather a natural fusion between the essences of natural resources  and mankind. 


nature drives my soul

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